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Fascinated by pattern and line, I have studied the natural patterns of our earth, concentrating on the view of our planet from an aerial perspective. Collating aerial photographs and images taken from satellites, I was able to catalogue a huge resource of intricate lines and patterns, which highlighted the complexity and intricacy of our planet. These drawings have been translated into a series of work, entitled Secret Worlds.


Passionate about the beauty of nature I have considered how the intricate patterns and perfectly sculpted forms of nature, which surround us, are often overlooked with our ever-demanding lives of routine and work schedules. This need to make people “stop and see” is the purpose behind “Secret Worlds” which invites the viewer to “look closer”.


Each piece within this collection is cut from 3 sheets of card which are layered together to create great depth and space. A real focal point in your home and as its limited to only 10 editions, it is also a rare piece to have.

Framed in a white wood box frame.

Framed Size: 35cm x 35cm x 7cm

Secret Worlds VI

  • A study of life through the lens of a microscope has provided the intricate forms which have created these 3 dimensional pictures which highlight the complexity and intricacy of our beautiful planet.

    The flowing lines of the Parana river Delta in Argentina, the curves and jagged edges of the Hekla volcano in Iceland, the spikes of the Bratskove reservoir in Siberia and the vein like structures of the connecting rivers and estuaries in Patagonia, Chile, are just a few of the many parts of our world which have been drawn, replicate and tessellated to create these “new worlds”.
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