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Your Childs Artwork as a Keyring or Fridge Magnet

A gift they will cherish forever!

Never worry again about ripping or spoiling those precious first pictures.

Just send us a scanned image and it can be engraved as a keepsake.

These momento's would make invaluable gifts for parents and grandparents as well as a truly original thank you to carers, teachers, babysitters.....the list is endless.

Or you might just want to keep them for yourself, a reminder of the little artist in your family.


The picture can be produced as either a magnet, a keyring or both

In order to create an accurate engraving of your child's picture, you will need to provide a scanned image of the drawing (preferably a JPEG) or if you do not have access to a scanner, a clear photograph can be used.

Below are a few useful guidelines to achieve the best results;

1. Keep the images simple - a single person, animal, building, rocket, etc. would be much more     effective than a busy garden scene for example

2. Pictures that have been coloured in, will only be re-produced with the outline and not the         filled colours, consider this when selecting the pictures to use

3. When the artwork is engraved all lines are reduced to a 0.1mm thickness, please consider         this when choosing your picture, as images drawn with a very thick pen or which include           many scribbles can look distorted when re-sized.

4. The child's handwriting can also be included but space is limited so only choose short               phrases.

5. The image will be reduced to fit the size of the magnet or keyring, consider this when               choosing your pictures.

. You can opt for a title at the top of the picture, such as My Dad, My Mum, Thank You, I Love     You, etc. etc or alternatively you may want to simply have the picture alone.

6. The child's name and age can also printed on the bottom of the image, this is optional

How to Order

Make your selection below and you will be directed to the online shop. When we have received your order we will send you an email requesting you to submit your artwork.

Your order will arrive within 10 working days of receiving your artwork.

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