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Cut from 3 layers of mountboard and then raise mounted in an extra deep, extra large frame.


By using mountboard as the material rather than paper or card the picture takes on another dimension of interest. The 3mm thickness of the mountboard provides more strength to the cut, allowing me to create more space between each layer. This in turn adds so much more depth and creates an immersive interaction with the artwork.


Fantastic when hung in a room with sunlight, it really does pop out of the frame.


The Winter Park is made using cool shades of blue and white to replicate the beautiful changes in nature during the Winter months and this is highlighted against a starry night sky.


This pictures is not available unframed.


You have the option to choose from a white or a black frame.


External Size framed: 71cm x 34cm (frame depth 7.5cm)

The Park in Winter: XL Deep Cut Edition

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